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  • Niat Medallion Elaan
  • Niat Medallion Elaan
  • Niat Medallion Elaan
  • Niat Medallion Elaan
  • Niat Medallion Elaan
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Niat Medallion

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The Niat Medallion, meticulously crafted, pays homage to the exquisite artistry found in Arabic calligraphy. This elegant medallion is engraved with the Arabic word  نیّة aka Niat (Intention), serving as a constant reminder of the power of good intentions deeply rooted in Islamic values.

The round shape of the medallion is a timeless symbol, representing unity and balance. It echoes the infinite cycles of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Adorned with a thick gold rope chain, the necklace captivates with its bold presence while its intricate detailing commands attention. This necklace will leave onlookers enchanted, evoking a sense of wonder and curiosity.

With every wear, the Niat Medallion becomes a cherished symbol of intentionality and purpose. It inspired and reminds you to infuse every action with goodwill and positivity.


The Niat Medallion is made of Premium Stainless Steel dipped in pure 18 Karat Gold. Waterproof and Rust-Free.

Hypoallergenic & Sensitive Skin-Friendly

Care Instructions

- Remove before showering or swimming
- Keep away from moisture
- Avoid contact with chemicals
- Allow perfumes and lotions to dry before wearing.
- Store it in the jewellery pouch provided
- Please be advised that it is NOT appropriate to use our jewellery as an amulet/charm (tangkal azimat).


Pendant: 25mm
Chain: 18 inch + 6 inch extension

Elaan Rope Chain

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Ogy Abubakar

My 2nd items its really gorgeous and so meaningful.