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LIFETIME Warranty Included with every order

  • Arabic & Quranic Inspired

    Celebrate the everyday with our symbolic jewelry. Messages of goodness, hope, and ease inspired by the Quran and Arabic proverbs. Wear them close to your heart.

  • Non-Tarnish/Anti Rust

    Adorn with confidence and comfort, as these pieces are sensitive-skin friendly and made to defy tarnish and rust. They are with you, in every journey.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We source only the best raw materials to ensure that our products lasts a lifetime. If at any point, you notice signs of tarnish or colour change, contact us immediately and we will gladly replace your jewelry for free.

  • Pure 18-Karat Gold Plated

    Immerse yourself in opulence as each piece is dipped in pure 18 karat of gold. Gift any piece to yourself or loved ones to freeze time in the perfect way - personal, affectionate, and meaningful.

Noble Charms - Rose Gold Elaan

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