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Noble Charms Bracelet
Afiqah Rushdan

I recently got the bracelet and I haven't taken it off since! The design is both elegant and meaningful, featuring beautiful Islamic motifs that resonate deeply with my faith. It feels sturdy yet comfortable on my wrist. This bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery, it's a constant reminder of my beliefs and values.

Habibthi - Bracelet
suryani ahmad sarji

Can’t express enough ! I just love it so much

I really love it

Noble Charms Bracelet
Sharina Qayum

I bought this at a faith event and was attracted to the simplicity of the design and loved the message/reminder that it carries. Also got the Ayatul kursi ring for my daughter. Such a perfect gift, Alhamdulillah!

Insignia Arabic Initial Ring

I love it! Feeling so happy that I found my Arabic initial and I Feel so special wearing this ring.

so pretty, i couldn’t take my eyes on it 😍😍 gonna repeat another bracelet in shaa Allah ✨

Sabrun Jameel
Shakilah Ismail
Simple but nice 🤩

Look very neat and elegance design, suitable for any occasion 😍

Love “Hob” Bracelet
syuhada naziri

Got this as a gift for my dear friend and she loves it.

Nūr al-Qamar Necklace
Siti Faridah Salleh
Nūr al-Qamar Necklace

I love the length of the necklace ❤️

Worried the design of the crescent moon will hurt me, but not at all!

Allure Cuff-Black
Seza Zulkeple

Alhamdulillah, i love it so much

I bought it for my wife as a 10-year-old gift together. She was amazed by the present.

An adorable piece to have

Make sure to choose the right size as the edges may be uncomfortable, but clean and neat details, lovely to be worn.

Allure Necklace
Lysha Mustaffa

Wearing this and the ring felt comforting and warmth, keeping in mind to remove before entering the lavatories. But it also acts a reminder to recite Ayat Kursi at times during work or at home or out and about. You feel connected, calm.

Allure Cuff
Aryna Samsudin
Loved it!

MashaAllah..i love it..beautiful cuff.nice packaging..

Allure Cuff
Ahmad Ridhwan
Birthday Gift For Precious Wife

My wife turn 27 in March but i can't get anything for her that time, and i feel terrible as a husband for not giving any gift due to high commitment. But alhamdulillah in April, after getting a but rizq from Allah Azza Wa Jal, i gifted my wife with this precious cuff and she love it so much! especially when it carved with ayatul qursyi, may Allah protected her from any harms as Allah mention about the benefits of the ayatul Qursyi. Thank you so much Elaan for this precious disigned cuff. Will love to recommend to my friends and relatives.

Noble Charms Bracelet
Khulood Muthanna

I loveeee it

Noble Charms Bracelet
Suhaila binti Mohammad

Never before I see this type of bracelet. The minute it passes my FB feed, glanced few times and I saw the uniqueness in it. Thus, when it is in my hands now, I feel the powerful words on the bracelet run thru every vein in my body, alhamdulillah.

I really like it! Its so classy!

Shelyza Sulaiman

Beautiful piece

My Mother, My Love
Julia Zahra
A gift for my Zahra

Buying it for my daugther for this coming aidilfitri just to make sure she dont forget me during raya since she will celebrating it with her papa😅..both of us love the design..simple yet stunning.❤️

So worth it

Very pretty and great price !! Wearing Hob bracelet everyday and I get lots of compliments..keep up the remarkable work Elaan.

The Beautiful Wait
Dalia Zahran

Very nice and fast delivery

Great birthday gift for mom

We picked this bracelet for our mother's birthday and she loved it immediately. Great staple piece

Insignia Arabic Initial Ring

I love it! It fits me well, and its worth buying. Thank you, Elaan.

The Visionaire

I' m so in love with the design. modern, simple but still elegant